• Minimize Reflections and Glare
  • Reduces Haze and Blue Cast in Landscapes
  • Enhances Color and Tonal Saturation
  • SH-PMC 16-Layer Multi-Coating
  • Filter Factor - 3 to 4 (1.6 - 2 F Stop)
  • Internal reflections - below 0.2%
  • Filter thickness - Slim (0.75mm)
  • Constructed from Schott glass for optical clarity
  • Brass Filter Ring prevent jamming & durability
  • Front Filter thread for combining other filters
  • Made in Germany
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

HELIOPAN Circular Polarizer SH-PMC Filter

Filter Thread Size
  • Why a HELIOPAN SH-PMC Circular Polarizer Filter?

    Heliopan polarization filters, called polarizing filters for short, are indispensable for both analogue and digital photography.


    Natural light spreads in a straight line in wave form in all directions. Pure sunlight is polarized and has a high color purity. When penetrating the atmosphere, a part of it is scattered, which overlies all colors as a blue-gray haze. This proportion can often be mitigated or prevented with polarizers. If, in addition, light falls at a shallow angle of approximately 35 degrees onto a reflecting surface, such as water, glass, plastics, paints (with the exception of metallic surfaces), the light is reflected and polarized. Now, if a properly oriented polarizing filter is used, the reflections are absorbed and the pure colors can reach the film or recording chip. Water surfaces become transparent, the blue cast is suppressed by the sky polarization, the colors become much stronger and fuller.

  • Product Overview

    The Heliopan Circular Polarizer SH-PMC Filter helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. This results in a noticeable increase in the saturation of skies and foliage, as well as clearer imagery when photographing in hazy conditions. A circular polarizer differs from a linear polarizer in that it supports full use of a camera's autofocus and auto exposure functions.


    The SH-PMC multi-coating provides a total of 16 coatings, 8 per side, for significant reflection reduction (below 0.2%) as well as dust and moisture repellence for easier cleaning.


    This Heliopan filter is constructed from Schott glass for increased optical clarity and color fidelity. It features a brass filter ring for durability as well as jamming prevention.


    • Reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface.
    • Arrange and filter directionally polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light allowing for the absorption of much of the light.
    • Lessens haze in distant landscapes and provides more saturated, vivid colors.
    • Strongest effect when used at a 90° from the sun.
    • SH-PMC multi-coating offers both protection to the glass and helps to improve light transmission and image quality.
    • Constructed from Schott glass for optical clarity.
    • Brass filter ring helps to prevent jamming and provides additional strength.
    • Dual threading with front filter threads permits combining with other filters.


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