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VOIGTLÄNDER 15mm Brightline Optical Viewfinder

VOIGTLÄNDER 15mm Brightline Optical Viewfinder


A must have for the landscape shooters. Just frame & shoot! Our OVFs lift layers of haze off the scene, making it an absolute delight to use.


  • Hotshoe-mounted optical viewfinder
  • Brightline markings for 15mm lenses
  • Sturdy all metal body (black) & foot (chrome)
  • 5 Lenses in 5 groups
  • Magnification factor of 0.31x
  • 93% field of view
  • -1.1 m diopter
  • Weighs only 56 grams
  • Made in Japan
  • Exclusive of 18% GST
  • 18 months limited India official warranty

The Voigtlander 15mm Brightline Optical Viewfinder is a shoe-mounted finder that slips into the camera's accessory shoe, and provides a bright & clear view for accurately composing photographs with a 15 mm wide angle lens. The viewfinder has 5 lenses in 5 groups with magnification of x0.31 and an all metal body & foot. Additionally,

  • It helps you conserve your camera battery by turning off its LCD / EVF when on a day long trip or trekking
  • Focus on framing accurately, without having to struggle under super bright sunny days
  • Disciplines and reduces your tendency to Chimp :-)
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