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VOIGTLÄNDER VM-X Close Focus adapter II for Fuji X-mount body

VOIGTLÄNDER VM-X Close Focus adapter II for Fuji X-mount body


Close Focus Adapters are eternal to The Art of Photography! An extremely well precision & engineered product that is second to none. A truly mystical product in our experience! 


  • Adapts Leica M-mount lenses to a Fuji X-mount digital camera body 
  • The VM-X Close Focus Adapter II extends the minimum focus distance of the lens

  • Achieve shortest shooting distance with a delivery stroke of 4.5 mm

  • Excellent ergonomics with a knurled diamond pattern metal helicoid ring

  • Silky operation with a high-precision helicoid movement
  • Infinity lock mechanism prevents going out-of-focus inadvertently

  • No electrical interface for pure manual focus operation
  • Extremely smooth & reliable locking / unlocking mechanism
  • Mounts without any play for stable camera & lens operation
  • Flange back accuracy ensures accurate focusing from minimum to infinity
  • Tested for optical axis accuracy for blurr free photos
  • Uniquely engineered & coated from inside for lowest internal reflections
  • Bayonet type mount
  • Exposure is controlled via in-camera metering with zero loss of light
  • Click Here to see how the adapter works, courtsey, late Sir Tom Abrahamsson
  • A lens and an adapter made for each other
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
  • Exclusive of 18% GST
Temporarily Out-of-Stock

Mount your Leica M-mount rangefinder lenses on a FUJIFILM X-mount mirrorless camera with the VM-X Close Focus Adapter II from Voigtlander. In addition to being an all-metal, manual lens adapter, the VM-X also has a unique design to shorten the minimum focusing distance of the attached lens. An integrated diamond pattern helicoid, with 4.5 mm of travel, enables focusing closer with rangefinder lenses, which inherently have a relatively long minimum focusing distance. This adapter also features an infinity lock switch that limits the helicoid's movement and maintains the original focusing range of the lens.

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