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MysticFoucs India Voigtlander Fujifilm GFX Rayqual adapter

Of all the means of expression, photography is the only one that fixes a precise moment in time.

.... Henri Cartier-Bresson

MysticFocus is a dedicated platform for official pan-India distribution & online retail of niche high end optical imaging products to "Rediscover the Art of Photography". We are proud to be the official all India distributor of the finest & most revered brands in the world of photography - the legendary Voigtländer of Germany and, the boutique Rayqual of Japan, made available exclusively for the Indian market. Please visit our Brands page to learn more about their heritage.  

As the world turns & evolves, so does that artist in you, reflecting your candour that is imaginative, passionate & more so, very deep. By virtue of being nestled in this complex journey ourselves for several decades now, it is prudent to state that ultimately it is the art that remains. When a mystic, focuses to compose & makes a photograph, a window is created that beholds us through an intuitively immersive sketch of life, art & history.  At MysticFocus, we aim to endure the very same philosophy with our collection of finest photographic tools that provides utmost creative freedom, simplicity and fun to all forms of photography.

We embarked on this journey in the year 2018 to bring the most reliable, affordable & beautifully made products that will not only inspire you to test your skills to fore, but to also give you one of the best ownership experiences ever. While following a passion, you are not spending but rather investing in perfect craftsmanship, value & future. With MysticFocus, you are investing in the best as nothing must ever become a weak link in your journey of achieving that perfectly satisfying moment. If a product does not meet our standards or something that we won't use ourselves, i.e. "if it's not Mystical enough", we simply won't endorse it, forget about selling it. We also made this conscious decision to not dilute our offerings with jumbo catalogues of several different brands that may compromise our focus & commitment to quality.  

The classic vintage design of our website is reminiscent of the meticulous attention paid in the process of expertly hand crafting these jewels over the decades whist reflecting their impeccable heritage. It greets the visitors warmly while they browse through its vivid catalogues, knowledge repositories & blog posts to place their orders conveniently and with absolute confidence.

We are the first company in India to have officially brought the finest current production manual prime lenses from Voigtländer for 8 different systems that fits across both consumer & commercial segments i.e. for the Leica M (VM), Sony E (SE), Nikon F (NF), Nikon Z (NZ), FujiFilm X (FX), Micro Four Thirds (MFT), Canon EOS R (RF) & the legendary L39 (LTM) systems. This catalogue is further complemented by a very versatile collection of system adapters, meters, finders, and all official accessories offering a great unified shopping experience.


Given our deep commitment & knowledge into the manual prime lenses and its entire eco-system over the years for both film & digital systems of various formats, we are happy to call ourselves a specialists in this field. Customers fully rely on us in building a very robust ecosystem that is both timeless and secures their investments for life. Needless to say, each one of these products are worthy of being proudly passed down to the next generation.

We are driven by passion first and always strive to provide exemplary customer services with utmost sincerity & integrity. It also gives us the opportunity to connect with great like minded people, make friends while sharing a pandora of experiences & knowledge with each other that, in the end, helps everyone in this mystical journey. 

We thank you for taking the time to visit & shopping with us here at MysticFocus!, Camera, Lens, Nikon, DSLR, Sony, Canon, Lumix, Olympus, Leica, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Photography, Cine, Sigma, Tamron, Gobe, Novoflex, Manfrotto, Mirrorless, Micro Fourth Thirds, APS-C, Ful Frame
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