Hyper Wide Heliar 10mm F5.6

Photo by Bastian Kratzke

Voigtländer Lenses for your favorite Digital or Film Camera


250 years of experience – Voigtländer lenses are synonymous with high quality photography.

Founded in 1756, Voigtländer is the oldest name in the camera industry with a significantly long history of contributions made to the optical & photographic industry. We continue to provide even today, an extensive range of our great lenses perfected over the last two & half centuries. 

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Voigtländer Lenses – Get thrilled by Quality!

Less is more - all Voigtländer lenses have a fixed focal length without the bulky auto focus system. No compromises are made in the selection of parts and components used in building the most robust lenses in the market. We develop our own perfectly crafted glass elements and use premium materials, environment friendly coatings & sophisticated machining techniques all over to ensure ultimate precision & control. Since no motor is used like in an auto focus system, we are able to use the most premium materials without having to pay attention on their specific weight. Despite that, the overall weight of our lenses are far more lesser as compared to these auto focus lenses. Our materials are very resilient and perfect for daily use as well as for the use in all climate zones.