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Hyper Wide Heliar 10mm F5.6
Photo by Bastian Kratzke

Voigtländer Lenses for your favorite Digital or Film Camera

The oldest German manufacturer of high-end optics

Founded in the year 1756, Voigtländer is the oldest name in the camera industry with a significantly long history of contributions made to the optical & photographic industry.


In 2008, MysticFocus became the exclusive all India distributor, proudly bringing these exquisite jewels and their extensive range of iconic lenses that spans across 8 different camera systems today.

Hand-crafted 100% from scratch in Japan by Cosina, under the exclusive design, development and manufacturing rights from Voigtländer Germany since 1999. At Cosina, decades of in-house expert hand-crafting skills naturally compliment their modern day computerised precision tooling & automation standards to consistently build reference quality lenses with utmost perfection, that offers unmatched performancedurability at an unbelievably affordable price like never before. 

Customers find solace with their investments in Voigtländer.  

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Voigtländer Lenses – Get thrilled by Quality!

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