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Pricing Policy

Price for all products listed on our website is shown in Indian rupees only


Prices shown are exclusive of the 18% GST that is automatically applied at the time of checking out orders on this website and or to be applied manually by us before customers place orders via bank transfer or via payment links created by us


We do not offer any seasonal or festive discount(s) regardless of the size & type of order

The prices remain final for each listed product on this website regardless of the size & type of order being placed and shall remain consistent & same for all customers 

We neither offer any price match guarantee with any authorised international resellers of the same brands we are associated with, nor entertain any such requests whatsoever

All prices are subject to change without notice

Customers waiting on their backorders & preorders shall not be liable to pay extra if the price for those product(s) have increased before the delivery of those order(s). On the contrary if the price reduces before the delivery, the balance amount payable at the time of actual delivery of those order(s) shall be re-calculated against the new price

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