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Warranty Policy

The warranty cover for product(s) bought from MysticFocus begins from the actual date of purchase for a period of 18 months (period of cover). This includes camera lenses & accessories including hoods, adapters, finders & meters from Voigtländer and adapters from Rayqual, as listed on this website


The period of cover shall determine the validity status of the warranty to the original owner only and is non-transferable

Under the warranty cover, MysticFocus shall remedy all complaints due to manufacturing faults & material defects free of charge to the original owner. Such remedy shall be at the sole discretion of MysticFocus to either repair, replace faulty parts with original spares or full product exchange. The product warranty cover does not allow for any other claims as mentioned on any legal basis. All replaced products & parts shall become the property of MysticFocus 

Customers are requested to preserve the original copy of their order invoice sent to them at the time of purchase to validate their warranty claims

As per the manufacturer's warranty policy, warranty claims are not applicable on goods purchased outside of India, or from any un-authorised reseller within India other than MysticFocus. Such products must be returned to the original seller for all claims


Goods under warranty shall be repaired free of charge for manufacturing or material defects only. MysticFocus shall remedy all such complaints by repairing the faulty product including replacing of its faulty parts that shall be required for the complete restoration & working of the product


The warranty does not cover faults arising out of normal use, normal wear & tear, and natural ageing of the product


The warranty does not cover cosmetic blemishes including scratches, dents or dusts


The warranty does not cover faults or damages caused by use of improper cleaning agents, abrasives, sub-standard cloth, wiping or drying material


The warranty does not cover faults or damages caused by accident, external or internal physical damages, excessive mishandling, improper use, dropping, forceful use with incompatible or sub-standard products not sold by MysticFocus such as adapters, filters, hoods, gross neglect in handling and storing, water, dust / sand, fire, unauthorised repair or service by 3rd party, custom modification(s), extreme environmental conditions, humidity and forceful use with other sub-standard equipment or accessory


The warranty does not cover the use of product in an industrial application, i.e. installation in an aircraft for aerial photography, in an industrial production assembly line for quality & monitoring purposes, and similar extreme applications where it is not intended to be used


The warranty does not cover preventive maintenance related servicing of the product


The warranty does not cover those products on which the serial number has been tampered with, removed, or rendered illegible

All disputes shall be settled in accordance with the prevailing laws of India, with the courts of Delhi / NCR having exclusive jurisdiction

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