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Hyper Wide Heliar 10mm F5.6
Photo by Bastian Kratzke

Voigtländer Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Simply sensational!

Voigtländer has developed lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system with exceptional optical performance.

In the native MFT mount, our manual focus prime lenses are designed exclusively for the Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, BlackMagic Design cameras offering world class performance 

In pursuit of a beautiful bokeh, we have poured all our design knowhow into making the subject look more three-dimensional making them undoubtedly a class leader in both film-making & still photography 

Manufactured in proven Voigtländer quality, these models offer a very special highlight: a sensational aperture ratio of F0.8 & F0.95 allowing you to realise excellent shots even in difficult lighting conditions. The 10 or 12 aperture blades, the floating elements, in addition to a uniform colour balance across the series, offers superb rendering.

Undoubtedly the first choice for filmmakers who also love the selective iris control system for a click-less & noiseless aperture control.  

Combining a very unique form & function, the signature all metal build employs precision-cut knurled pattern on the focus & aperture rings for precise & silky smooth operation, transcending through a lifetime of momentous ownership experience

Voigtländer Lenses – Get thrilled by Quality!

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