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Hyper Wide Heliar 10mm F5.6

Photo by Bastian Kratzke

Super Fast Lenses for Micro Four Thirds


A Special Lens Class!

Voigtländer has developed unique lenses for Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, BlackMagic Design & other MFT still & Cine cameras. Manufactured in proven Voigtländer quality, these models offer a very special highlight: a sensational aperture ratio of F0.8 !

This allows you to realize excellent photos even in difficult lighting conditions or in semi-darkness. In addition, the 12 blades & floating elements provide for wonderful bokeh and superb rendering.

The very short minimum distance in conjunction with the low focus range with open aperture provides the basis for completely new shots. In particular, “filmmakers” will appreciate the selective iris control system. It allows a flowing and noiseless shutter control. Please click here to get a complete overview of Voigtländer Lenses, their Designs & Features.

These lenses are in excessively high demand and so the wait period for these lenses could be higher. Please reach out to us and book your lenses in advance for a guaranteed availability. 

Voigtländer Lenses – Get thrilled by Quality!

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