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In 1756, more than 263 years ago, Johann Christoph Voigtlander started operations in Vienna, the center of the then Holy Roman Empire where he produced mathematical instruments, precision mechanical products, optical instruments, including optical measuring instruments and opera glasses, thus becoming the oldest name in the optical & camera industry.

When the world's first camera was released in France in 1839, Voigtländer, under the third generation of its owner, in 1840, went on to produce & launch the world's first mathematically calculated precision Petzval portrait photographic lens (the fastest lens at that time at f/3.6), followed by the world's first all-metal daguerreotype camera (Ganzmetallkamera) while also bringing out photographic plate cameras shortly afterwards. Voigtländer became a technology leader and the first manufacturer to introduce several new kinds of product that later became commonplace. With such a significantly long history & contribution made to the optical & photographic industry, Voigtländer continues to provide an extensive range of its great lenses it perfected in the last two & half centuries.


In 1999, Voigtländer moved all of its production to Japan, thereby giving Cosina the exclusive manufacturing rights to its entire catalogue & designs. Cosina, with over 60 years of unmatched history of its own in making some of the finest cameras & lenses for various Japanese & German manufacturers is a fully integrated, highly equipped & wholly indigenous manufacturer of highest quality lenses in the world. Cosina's unparalleled commitment to quality is quite evident in every single Voigltänder lens & accessory it proudly manufactures from grounds up, & passionately hand assembles it like a precious jewelry in Japan. So much so that even their packaging material, user manual are strictly "made in Japan". Cosina's R&D has taken the precious Voigtländer designs to an entirely new level by continuing to introduce the most unique & un-conventional in design, coatings, material, precision, size & speed of lenses rarely ever attempted by any other manufacturer which has literally positioned itself much above its nearest competition today. They have set such a trend in modern day history of camera lenses that people are now ditching their bulky lenses and re-building their entire collection on Voigtländer lenses because -  "once a Voigtländer, is always a Voigtländer"!   


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