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Nostalgia with the Leica Thread / Screw / the old L or L39 mount


Voigtländer in the old L mount for your modern camera!

Over the past few years, the Heliar 40mm F2.8 collapsible version of this lens is known to have brought immense joy to the Sony E, Fuji X & Nikon Z users. However, we chose to remove the added bulk of the close focus adapter that was originally required for that lens and today, we have re-launched this mighty lens in a more compact, light and complete form with its own focusing ring that can go on any desirable system of your choice with a standard M39 / L39 / LTM adapter

This is a compact quasi-wide-angle lens based on Voigtlander's traditional Heliar design. By adopting the latest optical design and aspherical lens, the filter diameter is as small as φ34 mm and the total length of the product from the mount surface is only 20.2 mm while ensuring an optical performance that can be used safely from the widest aperture. A highly mobile lens with a condensed retro-style exterior.


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