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Adapt without Prejudice

Mystic Focus takes pride in keeping the most versatile, highest quality & widest range of Camera mount adapters from Voigtländer & Rayqual. All adapters are hand crafted and machined to perfection in Japan. Camera Lens mount adapters add a dimension of flexibility and creative freedom to your photography. They're used to attach one camera make to another model of lens, thus allowing you to mix and match camera and lens brands to suit your needs and preferences. Please click here for our comprehensive guide on Camera <-> Adapter <-> Lens compatibility. Please click here to get a complete overview of Voigtländer Lenses, their Designs & Features.  All adapters are made for -

  • lowest internal reflections

  • optical axis accuracy

  • flange back accuracy

  • lifelong durability

  • reliable locking mechanism 

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