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Focusing with Manual Focus Lens

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

How do I determine sharp focus using a manual focus or rangefinder lens?

In most of the digital cameras today from Nikon, Canon, Sony, FujiFilm etc., focus confirmation is made available electronically. The camera aids by confirming that the manual focus is correct by either illuminating the focus confirmation light or pointing arrows or through peak level highlights to the area in focus when viewed either through the camera's live view finder or the LCD screen. The camera is in no way dependent on the lens to send it any data related to focus hence its a breeze to use these lenses with these modern cameras.

Shot using an old Canon FD lens on a Sony A7 II camera body using Rayqual adapter

If you have never used a Rangefinder camera and contemplating jumping that ship whether its a modern digital or film camera and wondering how will you achieve sharp focus with it, then there is nothing to worry. The Rangefinder cameras employ the age old trusted technique of aligning two superimposed images of your subject to determine its focus.

The beauty of the manual focus lens is that it completely gets rid of the confusing & often irritating auto focusing system in cameras and allows the photographer to take complete control over the subject they want to bring in focus.

Leica Elmar 65mm lens on a Nikon Z mirrorless camera body using Rayqual adapter

Please visit our Gallery section to get a preview of how beautiful & sharp pictures can be produced using manual prime lenses. None of the pictures have had any post-processing, meaning they are exactly how they were taken. Some of the photos that you see in our Gallery also have been taken using adapted lenses. Like a Voigtländer VM Mount lens on Sony E mount camera.


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