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What Focal Length to use?

How to choose the right focal length of a lens for different types of photography?

While any camera lens can be used for any type of photography, but if you pay a little attention to the focal length of your lens, your results would be more satisfying.

Here are some basic rules -

  1. Landscape Photography - these are also known as wide angle lenses and their focal length vary from 10mm to 28mm.

  2. Street photography - focal length between 35mm to 50mm.

  3. Portraits - lenses with focal length from 50mm to 130mm shall be used for portraits, fashion & wedding photography.

  4. Wildlife - telephoto lenses start from 200mm and beyond.

The higher the focal length, the lesser would be its coverage area. Please refer to the picture below for your better understanding.

(courtesy Expert Photography)

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