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What type of Adapters are available?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Typically people ask - how do I use a Voigtländer rangefinder lens meant for a Leica VM mount camera on my Nikon, Sony, FujiFilm, Olympus or a Lumix camera instead?

We have camera mount adapters in some of the widest and most versatile combinations available in our store. Please click here to view our complete collection. Please also take a moment to read our Lens Selection Guide for additional information on adapters.

The adapters themselves are pretty straightforward & simple to use. Each adapter has one side that will mount on your camera body and the other side will let you mount the lens to it. The adapter has a release pin for un-mounting / swapping lenses.

Please also refer to our Lens Selection guide here and the adapters matrix below for an overview of Flange Focal Distance (FFD) of popular Camera bodies & Lenses and our general recommendations on what Camera mount & Lens combinations to go after.

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