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APO-LANTHAR 35mm F2 Aspheric M-mount

APO-LANTHAR 35mm F2 Aspheric M-mount


Yet another ultimate lens from the APO-Lanthar family!



  • Bayonet Voigtländer M (VM) / Leica M (LM) mount
  • Apochromat optical design eliminates chromatic aberration
  • Extraordinary high resolution & optical performance
  • Manual focus for precision rangefinder focus with all-metal lens barrel
  • Circular 12 blade aperture at F2, F2.8 and F5.6 for point light sources
  • Floating Lens Elements for enhanced performance
  • Bayonet type VM mount Aperture Range: f/2 to f/16
  • Two Double sided Aspherical Elements Five Partial Dispersion Elements
  • Equipped with a distance meter interlocking system
  • Compact & lightweight at 304 gms & filter thread size of 49mm
  • Optional Bayonet Lens Hood LH-13 is not included
  • Exclusive of 18% GST
  • 18 Months limited India official warranty
  • Made in Japan


Limited stock. Hurry!

Temporarily Out-of-Stock

The new 35mm APO-Lanthar VM mount has the highest resolution and highest color correction of all Voigtländer 35mm VM lenses, optimized for both full frame VM digital or film cameras. As Voigtländer’s best performing VM 35mm wide angle lens ever, the new 35mm APO-Lanthar continues the high performance standard of Voigtländer ’s VM 50mm f2 APO-Lanthar. Lens design includes apochromatic color correction, floating lens elements for better close focusing performance, two double sided aspherical elements, five abnormal partial dispersion elements and superior multi-coating for outstanding flare control. Optical performance is quite simply extraordinary. Beautiful bokeh is enhanced with “circular bokeh” from the round apertures produced at F2, F2.8, F5.6 and F16 best for capturing point light sources. The versatile VM mount easily adapts to other popular lens mounts via Voigtländer close focus VM mount adapters to Sony E, Fuji FX-mount and Nikon Z-mount cameras.

As a quasi-wide-angle lens with the highest performance in Voigtlander history, it is an extremely high-performance lens optimized for a full-size M mount sensor. The apochromat design, which makes the on-axis chromatic aberration of RGB, which constitutes the three primary colors of light, as close to zero as possible, thoroughly eliminates various aberrations and pursues the ultimate performance in terms of resolution and contrast reproducibility.

Main features:

  • Apochromat design - we thoroughly eliminated various aberrations such as axial chromatic aberration to pursue the ultimate performance in terms of resolution and contrast reproducibility.
  • High quality optical glass elements lead to high performance and the lens configuration of 11 elements in 9 groups with 5 abnormally dispersed elements and 2 double-sided aspherical elements equipped with a floating mechanism 
  • 12 diaphragms that allow you to enjoy the expression of bokeh The diaphragm blades adopt a special shape that makes a circle not only in F2 but also in F2.8, F5.6, and F16. 
  • The shortest shooting distance is 0.5m interlocking with a rangefinder The shortest shooting distance exceeds 0.7m and can be focused up to 0.5m. You can use the live view function of the rangefinder-linked digital camera to get closer to the subject.
  • Optional bayonet hood offers a beautiful metal bayonet hood LH-13 which ads durability to the lens
  • Manual focus for reliable focus operation by adopting an all-metal helicoid unit, processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces an appropriate torque. Smooth focusing operation provides delicate focus adjustment
  • Rangefinder interlocking system is installed with high accuracy that can assist in fully wide open aperture
  • Full-size image circle - secures a generous image circle that supports full-frame 35mm format

* This lens can be attached to Sony E mount, Fujifilm X mount, and Nikon Z mount digital cameras via our close focus adapters. 


In the Box

  • Voigtlander APO-Lantha 35mm f/2 Aspherical Lens
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty


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