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HELIAR classic 50mm F1.5 SC M-mount

HELIAR classic 50mm F1.5 SC M-mount


If you have been wanting to travel back in time by pursuing classical images that your modern lens cannot obtain, our Heliar classic is THE answer. It paints your artistic impressions in a realistic way, which in essence has to be devoid of all ideal perfections. We fine tuned the lens to provide an extremely unique pallete of colors, outstanding bokeh, delicate transitions with a natural flavor of abberations & flare. The jewel like diamond patterned helicoid offers remarkable tactile feel and beauty which is reminiscent of the classic era styling. 


This Lens reassures our committment back to empower the artists, while uplifting them from the crowd. A truly Mystical Lens of our time! 




  • Bayonet Voigtländer M (VM) / Leica M (LM) mount
  • Heliar-type optical design achieves the large aperture of F1.5
  • Classical style characterized by residual aberration
  • Full metal barrel with high rigidity and durability
  • Manual focus for reliable focusing operation
  • Single coated optical formula for exceptional light transmisibility
  • High-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism
  • Minimum object distance 0.5m
  • Full-frame image circle
  • Screw-on metal hood and hood cap included
  • Made in Japan
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
  • Exclusive of 18% GST


Very Limited Stock. Hurry!

    Temporarily Out-of-Stock

    The lens configuration is based on the Heliar formula with 6 elements in 3 groups, achieving a large aperture of F1.5. In pursuit of a classical image that modern lenses do not have, we have adopted an optical design that intentionally expresses various aberrations. In addition to the timeless bokeh, the natural coma flare and single coating finish on the lens give an extremely unique color rendering.


    This phenomena however also reduces by narrowing down the aperture, and from the aperture F4, the performance is equivalent to that of our other Voigtlander VM mount 50mm lenses.

    Main features:

    • Achieves a large aperture of F1.5 that exceeds the limit of the unique heliar formula. The optical design that intentionally expresses aberrations at full aperture provides classical bokeh and flare not found in modern lenses
    • Classical appearance - the all-metal focus ring is knurled with a diamond pattern using a special cutting tool to improve operability with specifications that prevent slipping in both the rotation and optical axis directions in addition to its beautiful appearance
    • Adopting a single coating A single coating is intentionally adopted on the surface of the spherical lens. It reproduces the classical color tone before multi-coating became common
    • The shortest shooting distance is 0.5m. Provides rangefinder coupling. You can get closer to the subject by using the live view function of the rangefinder-linked digital camera
    • Manual focus that enables reliable focusing - by adopting an all-metal helicoid that offers high precision, appropriate torque and a very smooth foucsing operation for fine adjustment
    • Equipped with a distance meter interlocking system - the high-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism enables severe focusing near the maximum aperture
    • Full-size image circle - we have secured a generous image circle that supports full-frame 35mm format. In addition, it achieves a very compact style compared to interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras


    In the Box


    Voigtlander Heliar classic 50mm f/1.5 SC Lens

    • Front and Rear Lens Caps
    • Screw in Lens Hood and Cap
    • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
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