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NOKTON 50mm F1.0 Aspheric E-mount

NOKTON 50mm F1.0 Aspheric E-mount


The icon graces the Sony E-mount lovers. The stunning resolution power of the grounding aspherical elements exploits Sony sensors like no other lens. Optically a marvelous lens that takes stunning images at ultra wide open aperture not available natively to the mount. A very versatile lens that conveniently sits between portraiture and landscapes and everything in between. 



  • Excellent optical performance due to GA (ground aspherical) lens element
  • Dedicated design for Sony E-mounts covering full frame image-circle
  • Optical design optimized for Sony imaging sensors
  • Floating lens design with a minimum focusing distance of 0.45m
  • Extremely solid and durable all-metal barrel
  • Diamond patterned manual focus ring for precise and accurate focusing grip
  • 12-blade aperture diaphragm for beautiful bokeh
  • Sony electronic contacts support 5-axis IBIS on supported bodies
  • Selective Aperture Click allows clickless operation for video
  • Includes metal hood
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Exclusive of 18% GST

This ultra-fast standard lens uses a GA (ground aspherical) lens manufactured in-house to achieve a tight, compact style while offering the brightest F1 of any Voigtländer interchangeable lens for full-frame format. At the maximum aperture of F1, the lens produces an extremely large amount of bokeh, allowing the focused motif to be rendered impressively.


For Sony E-mount

The lens has electronic contacts to ensure that lens usage data is included in the Exif data of captured images. Furthermore, the built-in distance encoder enables support for 5-axis image stabilization on the body side. Other features include being able to magnify the finder display by operating the focus ring.


Optimized optical design

Provides an imaging circle that covers the 35 mm full frame format and utilizes an optical design optimized for Sony E-mount sensors. High resolution is maintained up to the image periphery and color shifts are well controlled.


GA (ground aspherical) lens

The first surface of the lens is a GA (ground aspherical) lens manufactured in-house.
This enables simplification of the lens construction while guaranteeing high performance, and achieves both a high level of image quality and a tight style despite the ultra-fast lens.


Floating mechanism employed

The lens employs a floating mechanism that independently moves a lens group according to the focus distance to ensure reliable imaging quality for subjects at the minimum focus distance (0.45m) through to infinity.


12-blade aperture diaphragm for beautiful bokeh

The aperture diaphragm is configured with 12 blades to make the aperture opening as circular as possible. This means the out-of-focus areas of images are drawn naturally and point light sources etc. are drawn as soft round bokeh rather than as polygonal shapes.


Manual focus for reliable focus operation

Adopting a full-metal helicoid unit processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces an appropriate torque, focusing with a smooth operation feeling is realized. It enables fine focus adjustment.


Aperture click-stop switching mechanism

The aperture click-stop switching mechanism enables the aperture mechanism to be steplessly stopped down/opened up with no click-stop sound. This ensures that the sound of the aperture ring being operated is not recorded while capturing video and also enables a high level of depth of focus control by fine-tuning the aperture ring.


In the Box

Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.0 Aspherical Lens for Sony E

  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Lens Hood
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
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