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NOVOFLEX Leica M-mount Lens to Fujifilm G-mount (GFX) body


Digital Medium Format is the future! Since an adapter in this combination is not yet available from Rayqual, we decided to stock these exclusively from Novoflex. Getting started with your LEM / FUG could never get so easy.


  • Adapter Leica M-lenses to Fujifilm G-Mount (GFX)
  • Precision made lens adapter
  • exact compensation of the flange focal length difference of the two mounts
  • connected lenses can be manually focused up to infinity
  • no information transmission between the lens and the camera
  • Exposure metering in aperture priority mode or manually
  • Camera bodies, lenses and other accessories shown in the pictures above are not inclued
  • Made in Germany
Temporarily Out-of-Stock

For adapting Voigtländer / Leica / Zeiss M-mount lenses to Fuji G-mount (GFX) body

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