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RAYQUAL Leica L39 screw-mount to Leica M-mount body adapter

RAYQUAL Leica L39 screw-mount to Leica M-mount body adapter


Product Highlights 


  • Adapts Leica L39 (LTM or screw-mount) Lens to a Leica M-mount camera body
  • Available in 3 ring sizes: 28/90, 50/75 & 35/135mm (please ask us before ordering)
  • Extremely smooth & reliable locking / unlocking mechanism
  • Mounts without any play for stable camera & lens operation
  • Flange back accuracy ensures accurate focusing from minimum to infinity
  • Tested for optical axis accuracy for blurr free photos
  • Uniquely engineered & coated from inside for lowest internal reflections
  • Bayonet type camera side mount
  • Hand Crafted in Japan
  • Exclusive of 18% GST
  • 18 months official India warranty

Type - LM ring half notch type (black). This is a Leica Thread Mount / LTM or L39 screw mount lens adapter for Leica M body) 

Compatible with lenses with an infinite lock lever. Even lenses with infinite lock levers that could not be used with the round L-M ring can now be used. 


A black type that takes into consideration internal reflections that have a large effect on brass scraped black chrome-plated digital cameras. 
Of course we also recommend it for film cameras. (Some high-quality M lenses are painted black on the inner side of the mount) 

There are 3 types of LM rings according to the focal length of the lens used. 
(24/35/135 mm 28/90 mm 50/75 mm) The 24/35/135 mm type uses a 24/35 mm field frame when using M8, and the 35/135 mm frame is selected for other bodies.


[ About the setting of the camera body ]



  • Set "Release without lens" on the camera body to "ON" before using. 
  • (The shutter can not be released unless it is set to “ON”.


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