Product Highlights 


  • Adapts Leica L39 (LTM or screw-mount) Lens to a Leica M-mount camera body
  • Available in 3 ring sizes: 24/35/135mm, 29/90mm, 50/75mm (please ask us before ordering)
  • Extremely smooth & reliable locking / unlocking mechanism
  • Mounts without any play for stable camera & lens operation
  • Flange back accuracy ensures accurate focusing from minimum to infinity
  • Tested for optical axis accuracy for blurr free photos
  • Uniquely engineered & coated from inside for lowest internal reflections
  • Bayonet type camera side mount
  • Hand Crafted in Japan
  • Includes 18% GST & 18 months official India warranty

RAYQUAL Leica L39 screw-mount to Leica M-mount body adapter

  • Product Overview

    Type - LM ring half notch type (black). This is a Leica Thread Mount / LTM or L39 screw mount lens adapter for Leica M body) 

    Compatible with lenses with an infinite lock lever. Even lenses with infinite lock levers that could not be used with the round L-M ring can now be used. 


    A black type that takes into consideration internal reflections that have a large effect on brass scraped black chrome-plated digital cameras. 
    Of course we also recommend it for film cameras. (Some high-quality M lenses are painted black on the inner side of the mount) 

    There are 3 types of LM rings according to the focal length of the lens used. 
    (24/35/135 mm 28/90 mm 50/75 mm) The 24/35/135 mm type uses a 24/35 mm field frame when using M8, and the 35/135 mm frame is selected for other bodies.


    [ About the setting of the camera body ]



    • Set "Release without lens" on the camera body to "ON" before using. 
    • (The shutter can not be released unless it is set to “ON”.


  • Restrictions common to RAYQUAL Adapters

    ● Even when the lens used is for AF, use via the adapter will be manual focus. 

    ● The camera mode can only be set to manual or aperture priority. 

    ● The aperture can not be operated from the camera side. 

    ● The lens name, focal length and aperture value are not recorded in the EXIF ​​information.

    ● When using a lens with an aperture ring for an aperture-type adapter (NFG or PDA), it can be used by setting the aperture ring of the adapter to the minimum. (2 aperture rings are required and some familiarity is required to 
    use them. Please use NFG, PDA type to use both with aperture and apertureless lenses with one adapter .) 

  • Technical Specifications

    • Adapter Thickness - 1.00mm
    • From Connection Type (Lens) - L39 (screw mount or Leica Thread Mount / LTM)
    • To Connection Type (Camera) - Leica M


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