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best nikon z landscape photography lens voigtlander super wide heliar 15mm f4.5 lens for nikon z mount mirrorless camera buy online from mysticfocus india

SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspheric Z-mount (FX)


The most celebrated landscape lens is here in the Nikon Z mount (fx format) and this icon needs no introduction. Just like it is for the Sony E variant, its optical design is optimized for the image sensor of the Nikon Z system cameras with the added benefit of electrical contacts. Besides, an interesting addition is the ability to remove the lens hood unlike the integrated petal hood on the other mount variants and further offers unreal close focusing distance of 0.126m for perspective captures. Known for its unmatched distortion free fully rectilinear design & extremely sharp images right upto the edges of the frame, this lens is as good as landscape photography can ever get. 




  • Designed exclusively for the Nikon Z mount
  • Image circle covers Full-frame format (FX format)
  • Extraordinary optical performance with a minumum focusing distance of 0.126m (magnification 0.25)
  • Rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • 11 elements in 9 groups with 10 aperture blades
  • Data communication with the body through electronic contacts triggering 3-axis IBIS*
  • Rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel weighing only 290 gms
  • Manual focus for reliable fine-focus
  • 58mm dia. or rectangular PL-type* filter can be used (*Rectangular filters can be attached by detaching the hood)
  • Dedicated screw-in hood included
  • Exclusive of 18% GST
  • 18 Months limited India official warranty
  • Made in Japan
Delivery may take 3-4 weeks


The SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspherical Z is a super-wide-angle lens compatible with full-frame (Nikon FX format) mirrorless cameras using the Nikon Z mount. Despite its super-wide angle of view (110°diagonal), it displays extremely low distortion and sharp images edge-to-edge. The minimum focusing distance is very close at 0.126m, and the lens has a wide range of applications, including compatibility with rectangular and other filters.


Designed exclusively for the Nikon Z mount

Optics optimized for the image sensors of mirrorless cameras with the Nikon Z-mount are implemented. The lens has a full-frame image circle and can be used with both full-frame (Nikon FX format) and APS-C size (Nikon DX format) mirrorless cameras.


Information communication with the body by electronic contacts

This lens is equipped with electronic contacts and realizes communications between the lens and the body. In addition to Exif information and in-body image stabilization (3 axes), by combining with a body compatible with communications and the latest firmware*1, three types of focusing support functions ( [1] focusing by color changing of the focus point frame [2] peaking function focusing and [3] focusing with the enlargement button) are supported.


Manual focus for reliable focus operation

Adopting a full-metal helicoid unit processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces an appropriate torque, focusing with a smooth operation feeling is realized. It enables fine focus adjustment.


Minimum working distance is very close to the subject

The minimum focusing distance is 0.126m (0.25 magnification), and the working distance is as close as 4cm from the tip of the hood. This allows you to get close to even the smallest of subjects, and enjoy taking advantage of the intense sense of perspective characteristic of super-wide-angle lenses.


Compatible with a wide variety of filter types

In addition to being able to attach 58mm filters without the need for a special adapter, the metal hood can be removed using a flat-head screwdriver. This makes it possible to utilize in a wide variety of filter work, including the use of rectangular filters often used in landscape photography.


*1 List of supported models and firmware
Please use the latest firmware because the performance may not be as good as the firmware listed or some of the functions may be limited.


Corresponding body and firmware *2

Z 7 - v3.4 or later

Z 6 - v3.4 or later

Z 50 - v2.2 or later

Z 5 - v1.2 or later

Z 6II - v1.3 or later

Z 7II - v1.3 or later

Z fc - v1.0 or later

Z 9 - v1.0 or later

Z 30 - v1.0 or later


*2 If the Firmware is less than the ones listed above, the performance may not be exhibited or some functions may be limited, so please use the latest Firmware. Please check the instruction manual of the body for checking the Firmware of your body and obtaining the latest Firmware.

*This product is developed and manufactured under a license agreement with Nikon Corporation.


In the Box

  • Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Z mount Lens
  • Removable Petal hood
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
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