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Why buy a Voigtländer rangefinder lens?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Voigtländer offers all possibilities and freedom to photographers all over the world. From an avid Professional photographer to a Hobbyist or a Photography Enthusiast alike.

Our film maker friends swear by it! Class apart & super fast lens at F0.95!

An unmatched commitment to maintain exceptionally high quality of its products, engineered to ensure optimal optical performance at all times and a signature image quality from all of its lenses, Voigtländer is heralded as one of the finest lens makers in the world. Optics that support the latest digital camera technologies with high-precision mechanics and sensational aperture range / light intensity of upto 0.95.

The top photographers in the world choose Voigtländer for its signature image quality & micro-dynamics and its classic / vintage inspired lenses from the 1950s deliver unmatched rendition of colors to modern digital cameras that no level of post-processing can achieve.

Some of the top qualities of Voigtländer Lenses are -

  1. Sensational collection of compact, super & hyper-wide lenses with non-fish-eye designs in 10mm,12mm & 15mm, as well as ultra-fast Portrait lenses with Maximum aperture ratio of 1.1 in Full Frame lenses & 0.95 in MFT lenses.

  2. Outstanding & MTF accurate APO - Chromatic Lenses for brilliant Macro shots

  3. Everything is hand made indigenously in Japan including their accessories, packaging & user manual

  4. The lenses are made of full metal alloy including brass (in some models) giving lifelong durability, rigidity while keeping them as lightweight as possible

  5. The Glass Elements are directly attached to the focusing ring for fast, precise & accurate focusing unlike fly-by-wire designs, exhibiting outstanding shooting experience and performance

  6. Only lenses in the market to offer both Classic coatings (for signature picture quality for both color & monochrome shoots) and modern Aspherical designs with accurate MTF in a variety of focal lengths that works interchangeably with all kinds of digital, rangefinder & film cameras

  7. The Coatings & Glasses have been optimized for minimal lens flare, chromatic aberration & focus shift which is quite prominent on modern digital cameras thereby comfortably leading over its competition on performance

  8. Native Sony E mount lenses have in-built CPU to trigger auto focus magnification & 5-axis in body IS which is absent in Zeiss Loxia & other manufacturers

  9. Native Nikon SL mount lenses have AI-S CPU control that allows Nikon cameras to control aperture from the body itself

  10. Native MFT mount lenses have Selective Aperture control for both still & video shoots

  11. Voigtländer Lenses are the most compact & lightweight in their segment thereby making Full Frame cameras to achieve exceptional portability and point & shoot like form-factor

  12. Lenses with 10 & 12 aperture blades for that creamy out of focus shots

Technically, the most accurate lens on the planet right now!

Example of our exceptionally designed & optimized lens

The Voigtländer Lenses are not just amazing with taking beautiful pictures, but they are also very unique & un-conventional in their design, their adaptability to different camera systems and an engineering marvel for its size, ergonomics & performance versus its Aperture ratio & focal length that is offered by none.

Please click here to view various designs & features available in Voigtländer Lenses.

Please click here to get a complete guide on Camera <-> Lens <-> Adapter <-> compatibility.

Nokton 75mm F1.5 Asph lens. Our newest ground breaking mid-tele portrait lens in an adorable 1950s Vintage design with 12 aperture blades & weighing in at hardly 350 gms!


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