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HELIAR 40mm F2.8 Aspheric LTM / M39 / L39-mount (Silver)

HELIAR 40mm F2.8 Aspheric LTM / M39 / L39-mount (Silver)


Semi-wide-angle lens with sharp sharpness! Heliar designs create iconic lenses in performance, aesthetics and form factor. There's no other lens on the planet that can claim its outstanding heritage and mystical existence. We want them more all the time and look, we have them here. Those who own the collapsible 40mm F2.8 version of this icon know this beast very well. All we could now say is to those who missed it, its time now for you to get lucky!



  • Old rangefinder Leica M39 / L39 Screw or Thread mount (not to be confused with the new Leica L Alliance mirrorless mount)

  • Extremely compact retro styled lens reminiscent of the vintage lenses

  • The total length of the product is only 20.2 mm, a filter dia of 34mm, weighing 110 grams

  • Adopts aspherical lens, super sharp optical performance, for use at fully open aperture

  • Highly rigid and durable all-brass lens barrel

  • Manual focus for reliable operation

  • Beautiful bokeh due to 10-blade iris diaphragm

  • Built-in rangefinder interlocking system (minimum 0.7m)

  • This black variant has its mount also painted fully in black

  • Comes with its own black-chromed brass lens hood

  • The focus lock button, focus and infinity levers, while the short-distance stop are nickel-plated to add an accent to the retro aesthetics

  • Optical design of this lens is optimized for use with rangefinder-linked digital and film cameras

  • Made in Japan

  • Exclusive of 18% GST

  • 18 months official India warranty

  • Adapter for M-mount bodies can be ordered here. Adapters for Sony E & Fuji X to be added shortly


Limited stock. Hurry!

Delivery may take 3-4 weeks

φ39mm screw mount

Uses a φ39mm screw mount, which is a universal mount that appeared in the 20th century. You can enjoy shooting by attaching it to a rangefinder camera of the same standard in the east and west. In addition, by using a commercially available L / M adapter ring * 1 together, it is possible to display a 50 mm or 35 mm bright frame when attached to a rangefinder camera equipped with an automatic shooting frame switching function.


Compact & high performance

By adopting an aspherical lens, it demonstrates excellent optical performance even when the aperture is wide open. The total length of the product is 21.2 mm (from the mount surface), there is little vignetting of the shooting frame when using the rangefinder, and handling is also good.


Two types of exterior to choose from

The exterior is made of brass and comes in two types: silver and black paint. For black paint, the mount is finished in black * 1 , and the focus lock button, focus lever, and infinite / short-distance stopper are nickel-plated to add an accent to the design.


Dedicated hood included

It comes with an aluminum exclusive screw-in hood and an aluminum cover-type front cap, considering not only the light-shielding performance but also the design with the lens body. (The black paint type comes with a painted hood and front cap.)


Manual focus for reliable focus operation

By adopting an all-metal helicoid unit processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces appropriate torque, focusing with a smooth operation feeling is realized. It enables fine focus adjustment.


Equipped with a rangefinder interlocking system

The high-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism enables severe focusing near the maximum aperture. The shortest shooting distance linked to the rangefinder is 0.7m.


Full size image circle

We have secured a generous image circle that supports full-frame 35mm format. In addition, it achieves a very compact style compared to interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras.


* 1 φ39mm screw type universal mount. Please note that it is different from the bayonet type L mount used by Leica, Sigma, Panasonic and Lights Cinelens.

* 2 Please note that the warranty does not cover accidents or malfunctions of the camera / adapter / lens caused by the adapter when combined with a mount adapter made by another company, and we are not responsible for it


In the Box

  • Voigtlander Heliar 40mm f/2.8 Aspherical Lens
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps
  • Lens Hood
  • Limited 18 Months India Warranty
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